2. Making a Plane Reservation


A: Could you help me make a plane reservation?

B: I would be happy to help you. Where do you plan on going?

A: I am going to go to Hawaii.

B: For that destination, you may leave from Los Angeles or Burbank Airport. Which would you prefer?

A: I think that I would rather leave from Los Angeles Airport.

B: Would you prefer a morning or afternoon departure?

A: I need to leave in the morning.

B: Fine. On your return flight, do you have a preference as to morning or afternoon?

A: I would prefer to return in the afternoon.

B: I have booked you on your flight at a great rate. Here are your tickets.


A: I need to make a plane reservation.

B: That is what I am here for. What is your destination?

A: I will be traveling to Aspen, Colorado.

B: Would you prefer to leave from Los Angeles or Burbank Airport?

A: Burbank Airport would be best for me.

B: You can leave in the morning of afternoon from that airport. Do you have a preference?

A: I can only take a flight that leaves in the afternoon.

B: I can book that for you right now. When you return, would you prefer morning or afternoon?

A: I think that I would like a morning return flight better.

B: I was able to book your flight, and I will print your tickets right now. Have a great trip!


A: I am planning a trip and need help making my airline reservation.

B: Sure. Where are you traveling to on your trip?

A: I will be vacationing in Oregon.

B: You have an option of departing from Los Angeles or Burbank Airport. What is your preference?

A: I live closer to Los Angeles Airport, so that would be the best choice.

B: Does it matter to you if you leave in the morning or afternoon?

A: I can leave at either time.

B: I'll put you on a morning flight. Is a morning or afternoon return flight preferable for you?

A: Either morning or afternoon would work for me.

B: I'll give you an afternoon flight. Here are your tickets.

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