15. Paying the Ticket Fine


A: I need to pay the fine on my ticket.

B: Do you have the ticket with you?

A: Yes, I have my ticket with me.

B: Let me see your ID.

A: I forgot to bring that with me.

B: You need it to pay your fine.

A: Why can't I just give you the money for the fine?

B: Because, I need to see a photo ID in order to verify who you are.

A: I think I understand.

B: All right, come back and bring your ID.

A: So once I pay this off, my record will be cleared?

B: Once you pay it, your record will be cleared.


A: Could I pay for my parking ticket?

B: I need to see your ticket. Do you have it?

A: Here's my ticket right here.

B: I'm going to need to see your ID.

A: I don't have it.

B: You can't pay your fine without your ID.

A: I don't understand why I can't just pay you.

B: We have to make sure that the person issued the ticket is the one paying it.

A: I get it now.

B: Just come back when you have your ID with you.

A: Will my record be cleared after I pay the fine?

B: Only if you pay your fine.


A: I have a parking ticket to pay for.

B: Did you bring your ticket?

A: Yes, I remembered to bring my ticket with me today.

B: Did you bring your ID?

A: I didn't bring my ID.

B: You're going to need your ID to pay the ticket.

A: What do you need my ID for?

B: We have to know that this ticket is really yours.

A: All right, I see what you mean.

B: Next time you come back, bring your ID.

A: Will everything be cleared from my record?

B: Yes, everything will be cleared.

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