1. Applying For a Driving Permit


A: I would like to apply for a permit.

B: Can I see your ID?

A: No, I left it in the car.

B: I'm going to need to see your ID and $27 for your permit.

A: One moment while I go and get my ID.

B: Make it quick.

A: Here's my ID and the $27.

B: Thanks. Now fill this out.

A: Do you have a pen that I can use?

B: Use this one.

A: Thanks a lot.

B: You're welcome. Turn the application in at Window B.


A: Can I apply for a permit today?

B: I need to see your ID.

A: I think I forgot it in the car.

B: You need to give me your ID and $27.

A: I'm going to go and get my ID from the car right now.

B: Go get it.

A: Here you go.

B: All right, I'm going to need you to fill this out.

A: May I borrow your pen?

B: Here's a pen for you.

A: Thanks for your help.

B: You need to turn that in at Window B.


A: I really need to apply for a driving permit.

B: Do you have your ID with you?

A: I may have left my ID in my car.

B: Well, I need your ID and $27.

A: I'll go get it really quick.

B: Please hurry.

A: Here it is.

B: Thank you very much. Please fill out this paperwork.

A: I need to use a pen.

B: Here you go.

A: Thank you very much.

B: Thank you. Now turn in your application at Window B.

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