13. At the Window of the DMV

1. Repeat

A: Could you tell me what window I should go to?

B: Do you have an appointment?

A: Yes, I have an appointment.

B: The DMV windows are set up for different tasks. What are you here to do?

A: I need to transfer ownership of a used car.

B: I can see that you have all of your forms filled out. Drop the forms in that box, and I will call you when your name comes up.

A: Thanks for helping me.

B: You are welcome. May I see your current Driver's License?

A: Here is my license, it is not a very good picture of me!

B: That's a pretty good picture. Just pay the fee over at the last window and you're done!

2. Repeat

A: This is my first time at the DMV, and I don't know what window to go to.

B: It depends on what you are doing. Did you make an appointment?

A: I made an appointment last month.

B: All of the windows are for specific services. What do you need to do today?

A: I just bought a used car and need to transfer the ownership.

B: If you just put all of your filled-out forms in the drop box, your name will be called when it comes up.

A: Thank you, that helps me know what to do.

B: My pleasure. The only other thing I need is your current Driver's License.

A: Here is my license, it is a very old picture of me!

B: You look good in that picture. Take this over to the last window to pay your fee, and you've finished registering your car.

3. Repeat

A: Could you help direct me to the proper window?

B: There are different windows for different things. Did you make an appointment on the Internet?

A: I made my appointment over the Internet.

B: Different windows will be able to help you with different problems. What do you need help with?

A: I need help transferring the ownership of a new car from my friend to myself.

B: The signed forms go in the box, and I will call your name in a few minutes.

A: Thank you for making it seem less confusing.

B: If you would give me your current Driver's License, I will be able to complete the transfer process.

A: Here is my license, I never really liked that picture!

B: That is a great picture! Take the forms over to the last window to pay your fees and you're finished!

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