14. Which Bus to Take

1. Repeat

A: I really need to find a bus that goes by PCC.

B: Where do you need to catch this bus at?

A: All the way up on Las Flores Drive and Fair Oaks.

B: I can tell you what bus to catch, but you have to walk a little bit.

A: Walking isn't a problem for me.

B: The 267 stops at Altadena Drive and Fair Oaks.

A: Which direction do I want?

B: Get on the bus heading west.

A: Do you know where I get off at?

B: Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thanks for letting me know.

B: No problem.

2. Repeat

A: Do you know which bus I can take to PCC?

B: Tell me where you need to get on at.

A: I live on Las Flores and Fair Oaks.

B: If you don't mind walking, I know a bus you can take.

A: I'm okay with walking.

B: Walk all the way down Fair Oaks, and catch the 267 on Altadena Drive.

A: Do you know which direction it should be heading?

B: You have to catch it going west.

A: Which stop do I get off on?

B: You need to get off on the corner of Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thank you for telling me.

B: It was my pleasure.

3. Repeat

A: I need to get to PCC, but I don't know which bus to catch.

B: Where exactly are you coming from?

A: I'm coming from Fair Oaks and Las Flores Drive in Altadena.

B: Do you have a problem walking a little bit?

A: I don't mind walking.

B: If you walk down Fair Oaks to Altadena Drive, you can catch the 267.

A: Tell me which direction it should be going.

B: Make sure to catch it going west.

A: Where do I get off?

B: You get off on Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thanks for the help.

B: Don't mention it.

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