6. Buying Flowers


A: I need some flowers for my wife because it is her birthday.

B: We have some fresh red roses.

A: How much are the roses?

B: Twenty dollars per dozen.

A: That sounds like a good deal.

B: Yes, that is today's sale price.

A: I'll take a dozen.

B: Is there anything else you'd like to get?

A: No, the roses will be fine.

B: I'm sure your wife will love them.


A: It's my wife's birthday, and I'm going to buy her some flowers.

B: Perhaps you'd be interested in red roses.

A: How much do the roses cost?

B: They're only $20 a dozen.

A: That sounds good, since last year I paid $30.

B: Yes, you're saving money because they're on sale today.

A: I'll take a dozen of your most beautiful roses.

B: Could I interest you in anything else?

A: No, I'll just give her the roses and a card.

B: She should be very pleased with these roses.


A: I need to buy some flowers for my wife's birthday.

B: Red roses are always a popular gift for birthdays.

A: What would the roses cost me?

B: You can get a dozen for only $20.

A: That's a price that I like.

B: You're in luck today because the roses are on sale.

A: I'll purchase the roses.

B: Perhaps you'd like something else to go with the roses?

A: No, the roses are good enough.

B: These roses should make your wife very happy.

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