4. Inviting Boss to a Dinner Party


A: Mr. Lee, I was wondering if you and your wife had plans for next Friday night?

B: Yes, I think we might be free. What did you have in mind?

A: I've mailed a formal written invitation to your home inviting you to a dinner party at my home.

B: That sounds great. Is it casual?

A: Actually, we thought it would be fun to have a formal sit-down dinner for the holidays.

B: That sounds good. It will give my wife a chance to dress up.

A: Yes, we've invited four other couples, so it should be a good mix of people.

B: That sounds wonderful. Will there be anyone there that I know?

A: Oh yes, everyone we are inviting is from our company.

B: Great! I'll look forward to it. We'll make sure and check the mail for our invitation.


A: Mr. Lee, would you and your wife be free next Friday night?

B: I don't think we have any plans, but I would need to see what my wife has planned. Why?

A: My wife mailed a written invitation to your wife asking you both to our dinner party.

B: It would be our pleasure to join you for dinner. What type of party is it?

A: We've always wanted to have a formal dinner party.

B: I think we would enjoy that, especially our wives!

A: Four other couples are coming, so I'm hoping for some interesting conversation.

B: I am sure we will have a great time. Will some of the couples be from our company?

A: Yes, you will know all of our guests.

B: I'll make sure to check the mail for our invitation. Your dinner plans sound wonderful.


A: Would you and your wife be available next Friday night, Mr. Lee?

B: I'll have to check with my wife, of course. Did you have something planned?

A: We are having a dinner party, and my wife sent you and your wife an invitation.

B: I think we would enjoy that. Is it a formal affair?

A: My wife insisted on having it be a formal dinner party this time.

B: That would be a change. Usually we just do barbeques and never get a chance to dress up.

A: We thought that inviting four other couples would make nice conversation.

B: I think we will enjoy being there. Will we know anyone?

A: We are only inviting people from work.

B: I am sure that a good time will be had by everyone. We will be looking for your invitation.

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