3. Calling to Reschedule a Time

1. Repeat

A: What are you calling about today?

B: I scheduled a delivery for tomorrow.

A: Is there a problem?

B: I would like to reschedule.

A: That shouldn't be a problem.

B: Can I have it delivered the day after tomorrow?

A: So, you want it delivered the day after tomorrow?

B: Yes, will that be possible?

A: What time would you like us to deliver it?

B: Is 2:30 okay?

A: Your delivery has been confirmed.

B: Thank you, and I'm sorry for the change of plans.

2. Repeat

A: How may I help you?

B: I was going to have a mattress delivered to my house.

A: What's the problem?

B: I need to have it delivered another day.

A: That won't be a problem.

B: I need to have it delivered two days from today.

A: You want it delivered in two days?

B: Is that okay?

A: What time do you want it delivered?

B: I would like it delivered at 2:30.

A: I have changed your delivery to that day and time.

B: Thank you for your help.

3. Repeat

A: What can I do for you?

B: I was supposed to have my mattress delivered tomorrow.

A: Is something wrong?

B: I need to reschedule the delivery.

A: I can help you with that.

B: I won't be home tomorrow, so I need it done the next day.

A: In two days?

B: Yes, that's when I need it done.

A: At what time?

B: I need it at about 2:30.

A: Alright, you're all set with your delivery.

B: That's great! I appreciate your help.

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