1. Asking about a Furniture


A: I need to find a new furniture set for my living room.

B: Where are you going to find one?

A: I have no idea.

B: Do you want to know where I bought mine?

A: Where did you get it from?

B: I got it from IKEA.

A: How much did it cost you?

B: It cost me a couple thousand for the whole set.

A: Is the furniture sturdy?

B: The furniture is built extremely well.

A: I don't mind paying a lot as long as the quality is good.

B: Well, trust me. The quality is fantastic.


A: I'm going to buy a new living room set.

B: Where are you going to buy one?

A: I'm really not sure.

B: You like my living room set, don't you?

A: Where did you buy it?

B: I found mine at IKEA.

A: Are they expensive?

B: Everything I got from IKEA cost me a couple thousand.

A: Is the furniture crafted well?

B: The furniture isn't built cheap.

A: I'll pay the money, as long as I'm getting what I pay for.

B: You will feel comfortable paying the money.


A: I have to find a living room set.

B: Where are you planning on looking for one?

A: I don't know.

B: I can tell you where I got mine.

A: Where did you go to find yours?

B: IKEA has beautiful furniture.

A: Does the furniture from IKEA cost a lot?

B: The furniture cost a couple thousand dollars.

A: How good of quality is the furniture?

B: It's very sturdy. You get what you pay for.

A: I don't mind paying for quality workmanship.

B: I assure you that you're paying for quality.

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