20. Buying Business Cards


A: I would like to buy some business cards.

B: Excellent. How many would you like?

A: Two thousand would be fine.

B: You need to fill out this form, please.

A: All I want is the same thing on this card.

B: That will be no problem, sir.

A: I'm finished. Here's your form and my old card.

B: Very good, sir. Your order will be ready in one week.

A: Do you think you could finish it in three days?

B: No problem, sir. But it will cost you extra.


A: I need to purchase some business cards.

B: No problem. How many are you thinking about?

A: I think 2,000 would be fine.

B: If you'll just fill out this form, please.

A: I want the new cards to be exactly like this card.

B: We can do that very easily.

A: I'm done. Here's the form and my old card.

B: Great. Your order will take only one week.

A: You know, I think it would be better if I could pick it up in three days.

B: We can do that. It'll just cost you extra.


A: I need to get some business cards printed up.

B: Do you know how many you need?

A: I think I can get by with 2,000.

B: We can get started as soon as you fill out this form.

A: I hope you can make the new cards just like my old cards.

B: You won't be able to tell the difference with a magnifying glass.

A: I'm through. Here's the form and my old card.

B: Very good. You can pick up your order in one week.

A: Now that I think of it, three days is better than seven.

B: We can do that, but you'll have to pay a little extra.


A: I need to order new business cards.

B: Do you have any idea how many you'd like?

A: I think 2,000 would be enough.

B: Would you fill out this form, please?

A: I don't want to make any changes to my old card.

B: If you detect any difference, I'll take you out to dinner.

A: That's it. Here's the form, and here's my old card to use as a model.

B: Thank you. Your order will be ready seven days from now.

A: I need it sooner. Let me have it in three days, okay?

B: We can certainly give you faster turnaround, but it will cost you extra.


A: I'm about to run out of business cards. I need some new ones.

B: We can print as many as you like. Just tell me how many.

A: Two thousand should get me through the year.

B: Here's a form to get you started.

A: My old card is perfect, so all I want you to do is copy it exactly.

B: I think you'll be very pleased with how well we duplicate your old card.

A: Here you go, your form and my old business card.

B: Thanks. Come back here next Wednesday to pick up your order, please.

A: I'm sorry, but can you give me a three-day turnaround?

B: If you don't mind paying a little extra, it's absolutely no problem.

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