8. Preparing for an Open House


A: What should I do to get ready for the Open House?

B: Your house needs to be as clean and uncluttered as possible.

A: Can we stay in the house while it is being shown?

B: No one is to be in the house during the Open House except for the realtor and the potential buyers who are looking at the house.

A: Can we leave our dog in the backyard during the Open House?

B: Absolutely no pets are to remain in the house during Open House. Take them with you or board them, please.

A: I have a lot of expensive jewelry and am afraid to leave it in the house.

B: We will do our best to watch over your things, but expensive jewelry and guns need to go with you.

A: How will we know when to come home?

B: The Open House will last from eleven o'clock until four o'clock.


A: Is there anything special I should do to get ready for our Open House this weekend?

B: Just make sure that your house is perfectly clean and that everything is put away.

A: My husband wants to watch the game, and we were wondering if he could stay in his den during Open House.

B: Everyone in the household must leave the premises before potential buyers arrive.

A: Can the cat stay on the bed during Open House?

B: No pets are allowed at the Open House! Maybe your neighbor would let your pets stay over there for a few hours.

A: Where can I hide my expensive jewelry?

B: If you have a safe, put your jewelry in there. Otherwise, please take your valuables with you.

A: Will you let us know when everyone has left?

B: Usually the Open Houses last until four o'clock. If this one ends earlier, I will call you on your cell phone.


A: What suggestions do you have for preparing for the Open House on Saturday?

B: The two most important things are that your home is clean and clutter free.

A: My mother is old and wants to stay in her room during the Open House.

B: Absolutely no occupants of the house are to be present during an Open House.

A: We have several pet snakes and would like them to stay in the garage during Open House.

B: You wouldn't want someone to hate your house because they can't stand animals, would you? Your pets need to disappear for a bit!

A: Will someone be watching to make sure my expensive jewelry doesn't get ripped off?

B: We have two realtors to keep an eye on things at all times, but please don't keep valuable jewelry or guns in your home when it is being shown.

A: What time will the Open House be over?

B: You can come home at four o'clock if you like. If it is rainy and slow, I will call you if I decide to end it a little early.

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