12. Good Tips for Good Service


A: Do you want some dessert?

B: No thanks. We just need our check. Have you seen the waitress?

A: Here comes our waitress with our check.

B: The service here has been really great, don't you think?

A: Yes, the service was quite good.

B: So, let's look at the check. The total is $36.00.

A: How much do you think we should leave for a tip?

B: Usually people leave 15 percent, but this was exceptional service. I am thinking that maybe 20 percent would be appropriate.

A: I agree that 20 percent would be just about right.

B: OK, so that will bring her tip to $7.20. Add it to the $36.00 and the total is $43.20.

A: Yes, what a nice dinner that was!

B: We'll have to make sure to come back here again real soon.


A: Would you like some more coffee?

B: No thanks. I'm full. We need to find our waitress and get our bill.

A: The waitress is bringing the bill right now.

B: This waitress has really been on top of things, hasn't she?

A: Yes, this waitress did a great job.

B: OK, let's see what the damage is. The total for our meal is $36.00.

A: What do you think would be the right amount to leave for a tip?

B: Fifteen percent is a normal tip, but she really did a great job. What do you think about 20 percent this time?

A: Yes, 20 percent would be perfect.

B: Her tip will end up being $7.20 plus the bill of $36.00. The total will be $43.20.

A: Yes, that was one fantastic meal!

B: I agree. Maybe we can come back again next week.


A: Would you like to order anything else?

B: No, I'm good. All we need now is our check.

A: The waitress is walking over here with our check even as we speak.

B: I have never had bad service at this restaurant, but this time was really exceptional.

A: Yes, she really went out of her way to make this a pleasant dining experience.

B: Let's take a look at our bill. The total price for our dinner is $36.00.

A: How much money should we leave for a tip?

B: I know that 15 percent is a normal tip, but I really thought that this waitress went out of her way for us. What do you think about tippingher 20 percent?

A: She definitely deserves 20 percent for a tip.

B: So we can add her tip of $7.20 to the bill of $36.00 and the total will be $43.20.

A: Yes, what a wonderful meal!

B: It absolutely was a great meal. We'll have to return here for lunch sometime.

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