5. Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice

1. Repeat

A: I need a suggestion for a restaurant here in Manhattan.

B: Certainly! How much are you planning to spend on dinner, sir?

A: My date's very sophisticated, so I'm sure she would expect nothing but the best.

B: May I suggest our own hotel restaurant? It got three stars in the latest restaurant review.

A: No, thank you, I want to go out on the town. What other ideas do you have?

B: There's always Gramercy Tavern. They have live jazz. The food is delicious, but very expensive.

A: That sounds like a good place to take a date. Can you make a reservation for me?

B: As you wish, sir. You'll have a wonderful time there.

2. Repeat

A: Can you tell me about a nice restaurant to go to?

B: Of course! How much would you like to spend on your meal?

A: My date is quite sophisticated. She would expect nothing less than the best.

B: Well, how about our own hotel restaurant? It's conveniently located and has a three-star rating.

A: That's a good idea, except I want to go out, not stay in. Something else, maybe?

B: Well, how about Gramercy Tavern? It's a very popular tourist spot, with great food and music.

A: That sounds good! Could you call them to see if I can get a reservation?

B: Of course, sir. You've made a good choice.

3. Repeat

A: So, now I need your help again, if you don't mind. I'm taking a date to a restaurant.

B: I'd love to help you! What is your budget for the dinner?

A: She strikes me as being very sophisticated. Only the best will do for her.

B: Well, what do you think about our very own hotel restaurant? It is very upscale, with a three-star rating.

A: I don't want to be cooped up in my own hotel tonight. How about another restaurant?

B: The Gramercy Tavern is highly rated. It has great food and live jazz, but it's not cheap.

A: Yes, that sounds like a winner. Would you please call them to reserve a table?

B: I'm already dialing, sir.

4. Repeat

A: I'm taking a date to a restaurant, so could you please direct me to a good one?

B: But of course! How much are you thinking of spending on dinner?

A: She deserves nothing but the best, of course.

B: In that case, I would suggest our own hotel restaurant. The chef, the food, and the service are outstanding.

A: I promised her I would take her out to a restaurant. Do you have another one in mind?

B: You can always go to Gramercy Tavern. It's quite popular, despite its expensive entrees.

A: Great food and lots of patrons? What more could I want? Please reserve a table for me.

B: Yes, sir. You're going to have a great time.

5. Repeat

A: I'm taking my date to a restaurant. Could you tell me about one or two good ones?

B: My pleasure! How much would you like to spend on your date?

A: She will want an excellent restaurant, of course.

B: You should know that our hotel chef was trained in Paris. The service and food are world-class.

A: I wanted to go out somewhere, not stay here. Do you know of another good restaurant?

B: You can't go wrong with Gramercy Tavern. It's famous for its food, service, and live jazz.

A: I like that! Could you please call them to see if we can get in tonight?

B: At once, sir. You'll love this place, I assure you.

6. Repeat

A: Well, I've got a date. Now I need to find a restaurant. Can you help me?

B: No problem, of course! How much would you like to spend to impress the lady?

A: Nothing but the best for a pretty woman!

B: Sir, the restaurant you seek is right here. This hotel has a three-star restaurant.

A: I sort of suggested that we would go out on the town. Do you have another suggestion?

B: Gramercy Tavern is at least as good as our own hotel restaurant. Plus, they have live jazz.

A: Gramercy Tavern? I think I've heard of that before. Call to get us a table, okay?

B: Right away, sir. She will be impressed with your local knowledge.

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