24. Taking a Urine Sample

1. Repeat

A: What is that plastic cup for?

B: Your doctor has requested a urine sample.

A: Am I supposed to pee into the cup?

B: We want what we call a clean sample. Urinate a drop or so into the toilet, and then stop the flow and urinate into the cup.

A: Then what do I do with the cup?

B: You put the cup in the little cubby in the restroom and close the door to the cubby.

A: What is this test for?

B: He is looking to see if you have a bladder or urinary tract infection.

A: When will I know the results?

B: Your doctor will call you in a few days with the results.

2. Repeat

A: Why are you handing me a plastic cup?

B: Your doctor wants to test your urine and needs a sample.

A: How am I supposed to do that?

B: We need you to urinate like you normally would, and then stop and finish into the cup.

A: What am I supposed to do with the cup when I am done?

B: Leave the cup in the cubby in the restroom. Just close the cubby door and walk away.

A: What kind of test is this?

B: He wants to know if you have bacteria in your urine, which could signal an infection.

A: How long will it take to get the results?

B: We will send your doctor the results, and he will contact you.

3. Repeat

A: What am I supposed to do with this plastic cup?

B: That cup is for a urine sample.

A: How, exactly, does this work?

B: This particular test calls for you to urinate into the cup after you have urinated a little into the toilet.

A: When I finish, what should I do then?

B: You need to leave the cup in the cubby in the restroom, and the lab tech will get it from the other side.

A: What is my doctor testing me for?

B: If there are bacteria in your urine, it could mean an infection somewhere.

A: Will I know the results right away?

B: Your doctor will be contacting you with the results.

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