13. Going Home Early Because Of Being Ill


A: Professor, excuse me, but I need to leave early.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: I am not feeling well.

B: What is bothering you?

A: I think I am beginning to have an asthma attack.

B: Would you like someone to walk you over to the Student Health Center?

A: No, I think that I should just go home because I have some medicine there.

B: Do you need a ride home?

A: I live in the dorms across the street, so I'll be OK.

B: OK, then, hope you feel better soon. Check your e-mail for missed assignments.


A: Excuse me, professor. I need to go home now.

B: Is everything OK?

A: I just feel funny.

B: What exactly seems to be the matter?

A: I have a terrible headache.

B: Do you think that you should go to the Student Health Center?

A: I already have some medicine at home if I could just get there.

B: Do you need someone to drive you home?

A: Thank you, but the bus stops right at my house.

B: Well, go home and rest up. Make sure you check the website for your assignments.


A: I am sorry, but I cannot stay for the rest of class today.

B: Why do you need to leave early?

A: I don't feel so good.

B: What doesn't feel right?

A: I feel as if I am going to be sick to my stomach.

B: Perhaps you should get checked out at the Student Health Center before you go home.

A: I have some medicine at home that I could take.

B: Are you going to be OK to drive home, or would you like someone to go with you?

A: Thank you, but my friend is in the library, and he can give me a ride home.

B: We hope that you are feeling better soon. E-mail me if you have any questions.

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