4. A Stomachache


A: You don't look so good.

B: I have a major stomachache

A: Did you eat something strange?

B: I had spaghetti with clam sauce for lunch.

A: Maybe you have food poisoning.

B: Yes, that could have been it, but I haven't been feeling that great for the past few days.

A: Are you under a lot of stress?

B: Not really. Things have been going OK.

A: Maybe you have a touch of the flu.

B: I think that I might be getting the flu.


A: Are you feeling OK?

B: My stomach is bothering me.

A: What have you been eating?

B: I had a ham sandwich with mayonnaise for lunch.

A: Maybe the food had something wrong with it.

B: It could be bad food, but I didn't feel so well yesterday, either.

A: Have you been under a lot of pressure lately?

B: I haven't been under any more stress than usual.

A: Perhaps you have caught that bug that is going around.

B: I feel like maybe I am coming down with the flu.


A: You look kind of green.

B: I don't feel so good. I am feeling sick to my stomach.

A: Have you had anything to eat lately?

B: I had fried shrimp and clams for lunch.

A: Perhaps the food was bad.

B: Perhaps, but I haven't felt well for a few days now.

A: Has anything been upsetting you lately?

B: My stress level is pretty much what is usually is.

A: Do you think that maybe you are getting the flu?

B: It seems to me like I may have caught a bug.

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