15. Ordering Food at the Cafeteria (2)


A: What did you get for lunch today?

B: All I had was a sandwich, chips, and soda.

A: Where'd you get your food from?

B: I went to the cafeteria and bought it.

A: What sandwich did you order?

B: I ordered a ham sandwich, but they gave me a bologna sandwich instead.

A: Was it any good?

B: I enjoyed it, even though I had not asked for it.

A: I ordered a sandwich there before.

B: Is that right?

A: Yes, and they messed my order up too.

B: That may be true, but I'm sure you enjoyed your sandwich.


A: Did you get anything for lunch?

B: I ate a sandwich with some chips and soda.

A: Did you go somewhere and get your food?

B: I bought my food from the cafeteria today.

A: Tell me, what kind of sandwich did you decide to get?

B: They gave me a bologna sandwich, but I asked for ham.

A: How'd it taste?

B: I didn't want that sandwich, but it was quite tasty.

A: I got a sandwich at the cafeteria before.

B: Is that so?

A: Yes, and I believe they messed up on my order also.

B: That may be so, but I bet your sandwich was delicious.


A: What are you having for lunch?

B: I got a sandwich, some chips, and a soda.

A: Did you bring that from home?

B: I got it from the cafeteria.

A: What kind of sandwich did you get?

B: They messed up my order and gave me a bologna sandwich.

A: How was it?

B: Considering it wasn't what I ordered, it was still pretty good.

A: I think I got a sandwich there once before.

B: Really?

A: Yes, and they didn't get my order right either.

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