7. Desserts


A: I want something sweet after dinner.

B: What do you have in mind?

A: A dessert sounds nice.

B: What kind are you thinking of getting?

A: I want to get some pie.

B: What kind of pie do you want?

A: I have no idea.

B: Do you want to know what kind of pie I like?

A: Sure, what kind do you like?

B: I love apple pie.

A: I love apple pie too.

B: There you go. Problem solved.


A: I have a sweet tooth.

B: What exactly do you want?

A: I would love to get some dessert.

B: What did you want to get?

A: I'd love to get a pie.

B: What kind do you want to get?

A: I'm not sure.

B: I can tell you what kind I like.

A: What kind do you like?

B: Apple pie is my favorite.

A: I love apple pie too.

B: See, I helped you out.


A: I have a taste for something sweet.

B: What are you thinking?

A: I want some kind of dessert.

B: Well, what kind of dessert do you want?

A: I was thinking about ordering some kind of pie.

B: Do you know what kind you want?

A: I honestly don't know.

B: Did you want to know my favorite kind of pie?

A: What's your favorite kind?

B: My absolutely favorite kind of pie is apple.

A: That sounds really good to me right now.

B: I'm happy to help.

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