4. Drinks


A: I'm so thirsty.

B: Let's go get something to drink.

A: That's a good idea.

B: Do you know what you want to drink?

A: I kind of want a soda.

B: You shouldn't drink soda when you're really thirsty.

A: What do you mean?

B: When you're thirsty, you're not supposed to drink soda.

A: What are you supposed to drink?

B: Water is what's best for you.

A: I guess I will get water.

B: It's better for you.


A: I am really thirsty.

B: How about we go and get something to drink?

A: Let's do that.

B: Do you know what you want to get?

A: A soda sounds good.

B: Soda isn't the best thing to drink when you're thirsty.

A: Why is that?

B: Soda isn't good for you.

A: What should I drink then?

B: You should really drink water.

A: That sounds good.

B: It's a lot better than soda.


A: My throat is really dry.

B: Do you want to go get something to drink?

A: Yes, I'm parched.

B: What did you want to drink?

A: I was thinking about getting a soda.

B: Do you know that soda doesn't quench your thirst?

A: Why not?

B: Soda is really bad for you.

A: I don't know what else to drink.

B: You're supposed to drink water when you're dehydrated.

A: I would like some water.

B: That's what will keep you from being thirsty.

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