2. Lunch


A: What's for lunch?

B: I don't know. What do you want to eat?

A: I was thinking of pizza.

B: That's what I ate yesterday.

A: What do you want to eat?

B: I wouldn't mind a burger.

A: I ate a burger just the other day.

B: We're going to have to compromise.

A: You could always get a burger, and I can get a pizza.

B: Sounds good to me.

A: Where can we go to get both?

B: We can get both at the cafeteria.


A: What are we eating for lunch?

B: I have no idea. What about you?

A: I kind of want pizza.

B: I ate pizza the other day.

A: So, what do you feel like eating then?

B: How about some burgers?

A: I already had a burger yesterday.

B: What are we going to do?

A: We can just each get what we want to get.

B: That sounds like a plan.

A: Do you know a place that sells pizza and burgers?

B: I think they sell both at the cafeteria.


A: Do you know what you want to eat for lunch?

B: What do you feel like having?

A: I want to get some pizza.

B: I had pizza for lunch yesterday.

A: Tell me what you want to eat.

B: Do you want to get a burger?

A: See, I had a burger for lunch yesterday.

B: Think of something.

A: How about I get pizza and you get a burger?

B: Let's do that then.

A: Where do they sell both at?

B: They sell pizza and burgers at the cafeteria.

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