5. Job Interview (2)


A: Good morning. Thank you for the interview.

B: No problem. Now, do you prefer working with others or flying solo?

A: Actually, I enjoy both.

B: So, what is most important to you in a job? Do you need job security or professional growth and a chance to advance?

A: I need job security.

B: Would you be able to relocate?

A: I am open to relocating.

B: What are your annual salary requirements?

A: I need at least 75,000 per year.

B: I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for coming in today. We'll be in touch.


A: Thank you so much for interviewing me this evening.

B: Happy to meet with you. Now, do you prefer group projects?

A: I like to work alone on some things and then bring those things to the group.

B: Do you value a steady job more or one that offers a chance to move ahead?

A: I want to grow in my job and move ahead.

B: Could you work for us in another state, if need be?

A: I need to stay in the area because of family.

B: How much do you need to make per year?

A: 75,000 per year.

B: Yikes! Thanks for your interest in this job. We'll be getting back to you.


A: I really appreciate the opportunity to interview for this position.

B: I was wondering if you like team projects, or projects that you work on alone.

A: I like to work on group projects that value and need each individual's contributions.

B: Are you most interested in a good steady job with benefits or one that will allow you to quickly advance?

A: I have children so a steady job is important but I would like a chance to advance.

B: How would you feel about relocating to another state?

A: I could not relocate in the next year, but might be open to it in the future.

B: Do you know how much this job offers per year?

A: A minimum of 75,000 per year.

B: OK, well, that's all I need to know for now. If something comes up, we'll be contacting you.

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