2. Preparing for a Job Interview


A: Could you help me try and figure out how to get ready for my job interview?

B: The most important thing to do is to make sure you know the company and what services or products it provides. Do you know all about them?

A: Yes, I pretty much understand the company.

B: Well, after you've done your research, you have to decide whether the company is casual or formal. Have you decided what they are yet?

A: Yes, I've been observing them.

B: When you are choosing what to wear, keep all of that in mind. Have you chosen what to wear?

A: I already have something to wear.

B: I would always be ready to go shopping with you! Should we talk about other basics?

A: I am ready to think of other things.

B: You need to make sure you arrive on time, smile, be pleasant and friendly, look the person in the eye and answer all questions to the best of your ability. You'll do great!


A: I am not sure what to do to get ready for my job interview.

B: Make sure that you understand the company. Do you understand what it is that they do?

A: No, I probably need to do some more research.

B: When you've finished your research it will help you figure out whether your company is rigid in philosophy or kind of more relaxed. Does that make sense?

A: I think that their attitude is rather casual.

B: So all of that information will help you to pick out what to wear. Do you have something to wear?

A: I have absolutely nothing so far.

B: I could go shopping with you sometime if you need it, but can we talk about other basics?

A: Yes, where should we go from here?

B: Focus on being relaxed and open, don't forget to smile and shake hands and be genuinely interested in what their company is about. I'm sure you'll do well.


A: What should I do to prepare for a job interview?

B: An understanding of the basic workings of a company and the services or goods it provides is essential. Do you have that?

A: Sort of, but I could know more, I guess.

B: With that understanding, you can figure out what your company is looking for in terms of basic attitude. Right?

A: I think that they are a very formal company.

B: What you wear is important. So keep in mind what is suitable for the company and type of work you will be doing. Need help?

A: I need a lot of help in this area.

B: In addition to clothes we need to think about other basics, OK?

A: Yes, what else should we think of?

B: Be prompt. Don't forget to be friendly and interested. Listen carefully and listen to what they are really asking you. You'll be a hit!

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