1. Dating Discussion


A: Do you enjoy going on dates?

B: Yes. I find dates to be a lot of fun.

A: What's so fun about them?

B: They give me the opportunity to get to know someone better.

A: So you always have fun on dates?

B: Not always. I don't always like the person I'm on the date with.

A: Why not?

B: My date may not be my type.

A: So then why would you ask them out in the first place?

B: I didn't realize until after our date that they weren't my type.

A: Sounds like a huge waste of time to me.

B: Now that I think about it, it really is sometimes.


A: Do you like dating?

B: It's really a lot of fun.

A: What makes it so much fun?

B: It makes it easier to get to know somebody.

A: Are dates always fun to you?

B: Sometimes I may not like the person I'm having a date with.

A: Why is that?

B: The other person isn't always my type.

A: Why would you bother going out with them then?

B: I didn't know that they weren't my type until after I got to know them better.

A: It seems to me that you're wasting your time.

B: You are absolutely correct, sometimes it is a waste.


A: Are dates fun for you?

B: I enjoy dating a lot.

A: Why are they so fun for you?

B: Dates allow me to meet new people.

A: Your dates are always fun?

B: Well, I don't always like who I'm dating; so not always.

A: How come?

B: The person I am dating may not be my type.

A: How come you asked them out if they weren't your type?

B: You don't always know what type of person you go on a date with until you know them well enough.

A: Dating sounds pointless.

B: Now that you mention it, sometimes you're right.

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