25. Time for Bed


A: It's time for bed.

B: I'm not ready to go to sleep. I'm not tired.

A: It's quite late, and you have an early day tomorrow.

B: I'm not going to be able to fall asleep.

A: Why don't you try counting sheep?

B: I've tried that before. It really doesn't work.

A: That's beside the point, you still need to go to bed.

B: Why can't I just stay up until I fall asleep?

A: If I let you do that, then you're just going to be up all night.

B: I promise I'll go to sleep soon.

A: No, you're going to sleep now, so good night.

B: See you in the morning.


A: Shouldn't you already be in bed?

B: I can't sleep. I'm really not all that tired.

A: You need to get some rest, as you have to get up early in the morning.

B: It's impossible for me to get to sleep right now.

A: Just close your eyes, and try not to think.

B: That really does not work for me.

A: It doesn't matter, you need to get some sleep.

B: How about I tire myself out, and then fall asleep when I'm tired?

A: Then you're not going to go to sleep.

B: Don't worry, I'll make sure and get to sleep in a little while.

A: I want you in bed, right now, so sweet dreams.

B: Fine. Sleep well yourself.


A: Isn't it past your bedtime already?

B: I am not sleepy.

A: It's getting late, and you have to wake up early tomorrow.

B: There is no way that I can fall asleep right now.

A: Try listening to some soft music.

B: It won't work. I'm nowhere close to being tired.

A: I really don't care, just go to sleep.

B: What if I stay up and do something, until I get tired?

A: You'll be up all night if I let you do that.

B: I'm going to get to sleep eventually.

A: You need to go to sleep now, so go to sleep.

B: Good night.

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