16. Meeting Child's Teacher at School


A: It's nice to meet you.

B: I'm glad we're meeting today. Thank you.

A: You're welcome.

B: I would like to talk to you about your daughter.

A: Is there a problem?

B: No, your daughter is great.

A: That's great news.

B: Your daughter is a wonderful student.

A: She isn't messing up in class?

B: Of course not. Your daughter is smart and very well behaved.

A: I'm so glad to hear that she's doing well.

B: It is my pleasure to have her in my class.


A: We finally get a chance to meet.

B: Thank you for meeting me here.

A: It's no problem.

B: I need to speak with you about your daughter.

A: Is there something wrong?

B: I enjoy having your daughter in my class.

A: I'm glad to hear it.

B: She is a great addition to my class.

A: You don't have anything bad to say about her?

B: She is always behaving herself, and she's so smart.

A: I am so happy that she's doing okay.

B: I'm more than happy having her in my class.


A: How are you?

B: It's nice to meet you. Thanks for coming.

A: It's my pleasure.

B: I wanted to meet with you to discuss your daughter.

A: Is she acting up in class?

B: Not at all. She's a joy to have in my class.

A: Is she really?

B: She is absolutely wonderful.

A: So she isn't causing you any problems?

B: No. She is actually very intelligent and well behaved.

A: I'm glad to know that you like her.

B: You have nothing to worry about with her.

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