13. Talking to People at the Laundromat


A: Have you been coming to this Laundromat long?

B: I have been washing clothes here since a few years ago.

A: Why is that?

B: It doesn't cost me as much to wash here.

A: I've just started doing my clothes here.

B: Why are you washing your clothes here now?

A: My washing machine broke down.

B: You should just pay someone to fix it.

A: It's too expensive to get it fixed.

B: So you're just going to wash here?

A: Yes, I think that's what I'm going to have to do.

B: It costs less to wash here.


A: How long have you been washing clothes here?

B: I started washing here about three years ago.

A: How come?

B: I can wash my clothes for less money here.

A: This is my first time washing clothes here.

B: What reason are you washing here today?

A: I can't wash at home because my machine is broken.

B: Go and get it repaired.

A: That'll cost too much.

B: Are you going to continue washing your clothes here for a while?

A: I have no choice.

B: Washing clothes at a Laundromat costs a lot less money.


A: Do you wash clothes here often?

B: I have been coming here for the past few years.

A: Why do you wash here?

B: It's actually a lot cheaper for me to wash my clothes here.

A: I've only washed my clothes here a couple times.

B: Why don't you wash clothes at home?

A: I would, if my washing machine wasn't broken.

B: Why don't you just get it fixed?

A: I can't afford it.

B: So you plan on washing your clothes here from now on?

A: That's my only option right now.

B: Don't worry. Besides, it's a lot cheaper to wash clothes this way.

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