Daily Life

  1. Calling Credit Card Company

  2. Disputing a Charge

  3. Ordering Cable Services

  4. Inquiring About Internet Services

  5. Installing High Speed Internet

  6. Reporting an Internet Problem

  7. Asking for Credit for Service Interrupted

  8. Troubleshooting a Computer Problem

  9. Making an Appointment to Have a Haircut

  10. Making Requests to the Hairdresser

  11. Paying the Hairdresser

  12. Complaining to the Hairdresser

  13. Talking to People at the Laundromat

  14. Operating the Washer and Dryer

  15. Returning a Call to Child's Teacher at School

  16. Meeting Child's Teacher at School

  17. Asking Someone to Run Errands

  18. Riding the Bus

  19. Talking with Angry Parent

  20. Cleaning Up the Room

  21. Buying a Burrito

  22. Caring for Puppies

  23. Cooking Dinner

  24. Washing Clothes

  25. Time for Bed

  26. Waking Up for School


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