6. Picking a Suspect out of a Line-up


A: Did you get a good look at the suspect?

B: I got a great look at him.

A: Do you think you could pick him out of a line-up?

B: I can do that.

A: Could you please look at the five men in this line-up?

B: All right.

A: Do you recognize the suspect?

B: He's there.

A: What number?

B: He's number four.

A: Thank you very much for your cooperation.

B: I'm glad to help.


A: Did you see who the suspect was?

B: I got a perfect look at the suspect.

A: Would you be able to pick him out of a line-up?

B: That'll be easy.

A: Please take a careful look at these five men.

B: Okay.

A: Is the suspect in this line-up?

B: I see him.

A: Which number is he?

B: The suspect is number four.

A: Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

B: I'm happy to be of assistance.


A: Were you able to get a look at the suspect's face?

B: Yes. I know exactly what he looks like.

A: I must ask you to pick him out of a line-up.

B: That won't be a problem.

A: Look closely at the five men in this line-up.

B: I am looking.

A: Do you see the suspect?

B: Yes. He's in the line-up.

A: What number is the suspect?

B: Number four.

A: Thank you for all your help.

B: It was no problem at all.

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