13. Enrolling a Child in a New School


A: Did you just move into town?

B: I moved in almost a month ago.

A: How many children do you have?

B: I have one child.

A: How old is your child?

B: She's seven years old.

A: So she's a second grader.

B: That's correct.

A: I believe we do still have room for her.

B: That's great news.

A: Let's get started with all the paperwork.

B: The sooner I get her enrolled the better.


A: Are you new in town?

B: I've only been in town for about a month.

A: How many kids do you have?

B: Right now I just have one.

A: How old?

B: She is seven.

A: She should be in the second grade.

B: Exactly.

A: We have enough room for her.

B: I'm glad to hear that.

A: Let's begin filling out the paperwork.

B: That would be great.


A: Did you just move here?

B: Yes, I moved in about a month ago.

A: Do you have a lot of kids?

B: I only have one child.

A: What's your child's age?

B: She just turned seven.

A: So, she'll be in the second grade right now.

B: Yup. She's a second grader.

A: I do have a class that I can place her in.

B: That's wonderful.

A: We can get started on the paperwork now if you'd like.

B: Perfect. I'd like to get her enrolled as soon as possible.

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