11. Taking a Walk around a Park


A: It's such a beautiful day.

B: It's a perfect day to take a walk in the park.

A: I think so too.

B: The sky is so clear, and you can see the mountains perfectly.

A: Check out those red roses.

B: You can tell that it's the spring.

A: That's because everything's in bloom right now.

B: Look! That man's selling ice cream.

A: Do you want to go get one?

B: That sounds so good.

A: It'll be my treat.

B: That's very nice of you.


A: It's really pretty today.

B: This is the best time to take a stroll through the park.

A: I feel the same exact way.

B: Look how nice the mountains look today.

A: Aren't the budding roses beautiful?

B: It's obviously spring.

A: All the flowers are blooming.

B: There's a man selling ice cream.

A: Would you like one?

B: Yes, I'd like one.

A: I'll get it for you.

B: You're so sweet. Thank you.


A: What a nice day!

B: I'm glad we decided to walk today.

A: I agree.

B: I can't believe how clear the sky is right now.

A: I know, and look how pretty those roses are.

B: You can tell it's springtime.

A: The flowers are blooming so beautifully this year.

B: I think that guy is selling ice cream.

A: Should we get an ice cream cone?

B: I would love some ice cream right now.

A: I'll pay for it.

B: Thank you. That's so nice.

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