7. Where is the Nearest Mall


A: Could you help me with something?

B: What did you need help with?

A: I need to find the mall.

B: You don't know where it is?

A: No, and I've been looking everywhere for it.

B: It's in the same place as the movie theater.

A: Where is the movie theater?

B: It's on Washington Boulevard.

A: You mean that huge plaza?

B: That's exactly where it is.

A: I know where that is.

B: I'm glad I was able to help.


A: I need some help.

B: What's up?

A: I'm looking for the mall.

B: You can't find it?

A: I've looked everywhere.

B: The mall is right next to the movie theater.

A: Where is that?

B: You'll find it on Washington Boulevard.

A: In that plaza?

B: Yes. It's in that plaza.

A: I know where it is now.

B: I'm glad I could help.


A: Do you think that you can help me?

B: What can I help you with?

A: I'm trying to find the mall.

B: You're not sure where the mall is?

A: I've looked all over the place for the mall.

B: The mall is in the same place as the movie theater.

A: I don't know where the movie theater is either.

B: It's over on Washington Boulevard.

A: Is it in that plaza?

B: That's the place.

A: I know exactly where the plaza is.

B: I'm glad that I was some help to you.

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