3. To Have a Better Life


A: Are you new in town?

B: Yes, I did just move in.

A: How do you like it here so far?

B: I think it's great.

A: Where did you move from?

B: I was living in El Salvador.

A: Why did you decide to move?

B: I figured I could have a better life here.

A: Is life hard there?

B: There aren't many opportunities for people.

A: Was it hard for you to move?

B: It was hard, but I know my life will be better here.


A: Did you just move here?

B: Yes, I just moved here.

A: Do you like it here so far?

B: I love it here.

A: Where did you come from?

B: I came from El Salvador.

A: Why'd you move?

B: I want to make a life for myself.

A: Is that hard to do there?

B: It's harder to make a good life there.

A: So, was it easy for you to leave?

B: It wasn't easy, but things will work out better for me here.


A: Are you new here?

B: I moved here a couple weeks ago.

A: What do you think of it here?

B: I like it here. It's very nice.

A: Where were you living before?

B: I was living in El Salvador.

A: Why'd you leave?

B: I wanted to start a better life for myself here.

A: You couldn't do that there?

B: It's not easy to do well there.

A: It must've been hard for you to leave.

B: I miss home, but I'm happy to start a new life here.

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