13. Paying Fees


A: How are you doing today?

B: Very well. Thank you.

A: What can I help you with?

B: Do I have any fees to pay?

A: As a matter of fact, you do.

B: How much?

A: You owe $235.13.

B: That's unbelievable.

A: Will you be paying some of that off today?

B: I want to pay all of it off today.

A: How will you be paying?

B: I'll be paying with cash.


A: How are you?

B: I'm great. Thank you for asking.

A: What can I do for you?

B: Do I owe any fees?

A: You sure do.

B: Could you tell me how much I owe?

A: You owe $235.13 in fees.

B: I can't believe that.

A: When will you be paying these fees off?

B: I'll pay them off right now.

A: Cash or check?

B: I will pay with cash.


A: How's it going?

B: I'm great. Thanks.

A: What do you need?

B: I need to know if I have any fees to pay.

A: Actually, you do owe some fees.

B: How much do I owe?

A: Your fees total $235.13.

B: That's crazy!

A: You need to pay these fees soon.

B: Can I do that right now?

A: Will you be paying with cash or check?

B: I think I'll be paying with cash.

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