11. The Card Gets Declined


A: Your total comes to $36.78.

B: Put it on my VISA.

A: There's a problem with your card.

B: What's wrong with it?

A: I believe it was declined.

B: You're kidding me!

A: Do you have another card I could try?

B: I only have one card.

A: Do you have cash, perhaps?

B: I don't have any cash on me.

A: You're not going to be able to take these items today.

B: I'll be back tomorrow.


A: The total for all these items comes to $36.78.

B: Take my VISA.

A: There is something wrong with your card.

B: What's going on?

A: Your card was declined.

B: That can't be right!

A: Would you like me to try another card?

B: I don't have another one.

A: What about cash?

B: I didn't bring cash with me today.

A: I'm sorry, but you can't take the items until you can buy them.

B: I'll come back for them tomorrow.


A: You owe $36.78.

B: Here's my VISA card.

A: I'm sorry, but your card isn't working.

B: What's the problem?

A: The machine says your card was declined.

B: It was?

A: Do you have another card?

B: That's my only one.

A: Maybe you can just pay in cash?

B: No cash today.

A: I guess you won't be able to purchase these items today.

B: I'll come tomorrow with cash.

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