45. Getting the Deposit Back


A: I'm moving out.

B: Your lease isn't up yet.

A: I won't be able to stay here anymore.

B: That's going to be a problem.

A: I don't know why there's a problem.

B: It's a problem because I can't give you your deposit back.

A: Why can't you give it back to me?

B: You're breaking our contract.

A: I'm going to need my deposit back.

B: That's not going to happen.

A: I can't stay here, though.

B: That's really not my problem.


A: I have to move.

B: You have not fulfilled your lease agreement yet.

A: I can't stay here anymore.

B: There's a problem with that.

A: What is the problem?

B: I won't be able to give you back your deposit.

A: Why not?

B: This was stated in our agreement.

A: But I need it back.

B: I can't do it.

A: It will be impossible for me to stay here.

B: That's not my fault.


A: I'm going to be moving out soon.

B: You still have time on your lease.

A: There's no way that I can stay here.

B: That's not going to be all right.

A: I don't understand why.

B: I'm going to have to keep your deposit

A: Why can't I have it back?

B: Because you're leaving before your lease is over.

A: You have to give it back to me.

B: You're not going to get it.

A: But I'm not able to live here anymore.

B: I can't help you with that.

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