42. Talking about Apartment Upgrades


A: I really like the apartment, but I was wondering if I could change some things.

B: What would you like to change?

A: I would like to have different carpet.

B: I would be willing to put in a different color carpet if you pay the price difference.

A: How much more would it cost?

B: It would cost between 2 and 10 dollars more per square yard.

A: While I am at it, would it be possible to switch paint colors?

B: I would be willing to look at a different color. You need to bring me a sample.

A: When can my apartment be painted and ready to go?

B: You can have the new carpet and paint by next Monday.


A: This apartment is great, but could I upgrade a few things?

B: What are you unhappy with?

A: I want to have a different color carpet.

B: If you agree to pay more money, you could upgrade the carpet.

A: Would it cost a lot more?

B: It could be as little as 2 dollars or as much as 10 dollars more per square yard.

A: I was also wondering if it would be possible to pick a different paint color.

B: Bring me a paint sample to look at, and I will consider it.

A: When can you finish with the new carpet and paint?

B: Your new apartment can be recarpeted and repainted by next Tuesday.


A: I think that I would enjoy living here, but I would like to make improvements.

B: What would make this apartment better for you?

A: I think that it would look better with a better quality carpet.

B: You can have a different carpet, but you have to pay more if it costs more.

A: How much more would it cost to upgrade?

B: It could vary quite a bit, between 2 and 10 dollars per square yard.

A: Do you think that I could have a different paint color in my apartment?

B: I have to see a sample. Bring me one this week, please.

A: How long will it take for my new apartment to be ready?

B: Both the new paint and new carpet will be finished by next week.

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