40. Explaining the Problem to the Plumber


A: Thank you for coming.

B: You're welcome. What's the problem?

A: I have a leaky pipe.

B: Where exactly is the pipe?

A: The pipe is behind a wall in my bathroom.

B: How long has the pipe been leaking?

A: It began leaking a couple of days ago.

B: I must tell you that in order to get to the pipe, I must tear down that wall.

A: I know.

B: That won't be a problem?

A: Not as long as it gets fixed.

B: All right, I will start working now.


A: Thank you for coming so quickly.

B: No problem. What's wrong?

A: A pipe in my apartment is leaking.

B: Where is the pipe?

A: The pipe is in my bathroom.

B: Can you tell me how long the pipe has been leaking?

A: The pipe has been leaking for a couple days.

B: You do realize that I will need to rip down your wall to get to the pipe, right?

A: Yes, I'm aware of that.

B: Is that all right?

A: I just need the problem fixed.

B: I'll get started on it now.


A: I'm glad you could make it.

B: It's my job. What can I help you with?

A: I think a pipe burst in my apartment.

B: In what room is this pipe?

A: You'll find the pipe in my bathroom.

B: When did the pipe start leaking?

A: It's been leaking for a couple of days now.

B: I will need to tear down that wall to fix that pipe.

A: I understand.

B: You're fine with that?

A: I just want the problem taken care of.

B: Okay. I will begin working on it now, if you'd like.

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