29. Asking the Neighbor Not to Make Noise


A: I was meaning to talk to you about something.

B: What's going on?

A: Were you having a party in your apartment last Friday?

B: Yes, I had a little party.

A: It was very loud.

B: I didn't intend on being too loud.

A: It's fine if you want to have people over, but I couldn't sleep with the noise.

B: I really do apologize for all the noise.

A: Next time, do you think that you could keep it down?

B: Will do.

A: Thank you very much.

B: Okay, and once again I'm sorry for keeping you up.


A: May I talk to you?

B: What's up?

A: Did you have a party Friday?

B: I did have a few people over.

A: It was way too loud.

B: I didn't realize I was making a lot of noise.

A: I couldn't sleep with how loud it was.

B: I'm sorry for being so loud.

A: Could you try not to be so loud the next time?

B: I'll make sure to do that for you.

A: Thanks, I would appreciate it.

B: Let me apologize again for the noise.


A: We really need to talk.

B: What do we need to talk about?

A: Was there a party going on in your apartment on Friday?

B: I did throw a party on Friday.

A: You were quite loud.

B: I really didn't mean to be loud.

A: I don't mind if you have company, of course, but the noise made it difficult for me to sleep.

B: I am sorry if my party kept you up.

A: It's all right, but next time could you try to keep it down?

B: I will try to.

A: Thank you, because that would be great.

B: You're welcome, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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