27. Locked Out


A: I need your help with something.

B: What's wrong?

A: I somehow locked myself out of my apartment.

B: How did you lock yourself out?

A: I'm really not sure.

B: Where's your key?

A: I locked it inside the house.

B: I do have a spare key to your door.

A: May I use it, please?

B: Okay, but once you get in, bring my key right back.

A: I will, and thank you so much.

B: Make sure to keep your key with you next time.


A: Could you help me?

B: What happened?

A: I'm locked out of my apartment.

B: What did you do to lock yourself out?

A: I have no idea.

B: You don't have your key?

A: It's inside of my apartment.

B: I have a key to your apartment.

A: Could I borrow it for just a second?

B: All right. Bring it back when you're done.

A: Great, thanks a lot.

B: I hope you'll be more careful next time.


A: I really need you to do something for me.

B: What's the problem?

A: I can't get into my apartment.

B: How'd you manage that?

A: I don't know.

B: Do you know where your key is?

A: It's inside my apartment.

B: I have a spare key.

A: Will you let me use it to get inside?

B: Sure. Remember to give it back when you're finished.

A: I appreciate this.

B: No problem. Try not to lock yourself out again.

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