14. Negotiating the Price (2)


A: I would love to rent out your apartment.

B: That's great.

A: How much is the rent?

B: The rent each month is $1050.

A: That's a lot of money.

B: Did you have a better price in mind?

A: What about $800?

B: That's way too low.

A: I can't pay much more than that.

B: How about $900 a month?

A: That would be fine.

B: Great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


A: I think I may rent this apartment from you.

B: That would be wonderful.

A: Can you tell me how much I would have to pay for rent?

B: The rent is $1050 every month.

A: That's way too much.

B: What is good for you?

A: I can afford about $800 a month for rent.

B: That's not high enough.

A: How much more are you thinking?

B: I can let it go at $900 a month.

A: That's almost perfect.

B: I can live with that too.


A: I want to rent this apartment.

B: I'm glad to hear that.

A: How much are you asking?

B: You will have to pay $1050 every month.

A: I can't afford that.

B: What can you afford?

A: I was thinking $800 a month.

B: I'll need you to pay more than that.

A: How much more?

B: How does $900 every month sound to you?

A: I can live with that.

B: We have a deal then.

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