12. Talking about the Lease


A: I need to talk to you about something.

B: What did you need to talk about?

A: I have some questions about my lease.

B: Like what?

A: Exactly how long is my lease for?

B: Your lease will be up in three years.

A: What will happen if I move out before then?

B: If you move out before then, you will not get your deductible.

A: I don't understand.

B: Because our contract says that you will live here for three years.

A: Okay, I think that I understand.

B: I'm glad you understand.


A: Can we talk?

B: What about?

A: I'm not too clear on some things about my lease.

B: Is there a problem?

A: How many years is my lease for?

B: In three years your lease will be up.

A: Can I move out before those three years?

B: If you do, I will keep your deductible.

A: Why would you keep it?

B: I would keep it because you would be breaking our contract.

A: I get it now.

B: I hope that I cleared things up for you.


A: I would like to talk to you, if you have time.

B: What's going on?

A: I want to discuss some things about my lease.

B: What aren't you too sure about?

A: Can you tell me when my lease is up?

B: Your lease is for three years.

A: If I ever decide to leave before the three years, will there be a problem?

B: If you do, I will keep your deductible.

A: Why is that?

B: If you break the contract, then you will not receive your deductible.

A: Oh, I see.

B: All right. I'm glad I could clarify things for you.

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