10. Discrimination


A: Good morning, is this the Renter's Hotline?

B: Yes, what can I help you with?

A: I have a question about discrimination in housing.

B: What type of discrimination?

A: I think that he doesn't want to rent to me because of my race.

B: What made you think that your race was a problem?

A: He seemed OK talking to me on the phone, but seemed to change his mind when he saw me in person.

B: What else made you feel he was discriminating against you?

A: Well, he had a 25 unit apartment building and everyone I saw there was his same race.

B: Racial discrimination is very hard to prove, but if you would like to come down, we can go over a checklist that can help you build a case.


A: I would like to speak with someone in the Housing Department.

B: You have reached the right area. Can I help you with something?

A: I think that I may have experienced discrimination in trying to rent an apartment.

B: Can you be specific as to what type of discrimination?

A: I felt that he didn't like me because I wasn't the same race that he was.

B: How come you feel it was race that was the issue?

A: When I showed up on his doorstep, he seemed bothered by my appearance.

B: Is there anything else that made you feel he was using race as a factor in who he rented to?

A: As I walked through the apartment building all I saw were people who were the same race as the manager.

B: It is not easy to prove racial discrimination, but please go to our website which can help you file a formal complaint.


A: Hello, is this the Legal Advice Line?

B: You are in the right department. What can I do for you?

A: I think that the landlord where I am trying to rent an apartment may be discriminating against me.

B: Discrimination is a pretty broad term. What type, specifically?

A: I have a feeling that he will not consider my application because of my race.

B: Are you sure that race was the issue? What makes you feel this way?

A: When he saw me in person, he seemed bothered by me although I seemed to be under consideration when I e-mailed him.

B: Do you have any proof that he would not rent to you because of your race?

A: I didn't see one person in that whole building who wasn't the same race as the manager.

B: It is difficult to prove racial discrimination, but you may file a formal complaint in our office.

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