8. Checking Smoke Detectors


A: Hello, this is Betty.

B: Hi, Betty. Larry here. How many smoke detectors are in your apartment?

A: Actually, I have two.

B: Are the batteries fresh?

A: Both batteries are good.

B: Great. I need to come by and check them myself.

A: No problem, when are you coming by?

B: Thursday at noon. I'll let myself in if you're not there.

A: Okay, remember to lock my door when you leave.

B: I'll be in and out of there in just a few minutes.


A: Hello, this is Betty.

B: Hello, Betty. This is Larry. How many smoke detectors are on your ceiling?

A: I have two smoke detectors.

B: Do you have fresh batteries in both of them?

A: Both batteries are pretty fresh.

B: Very good. I have to come by there and check out all the detectors.

A: Very good, when do you think you'll be coming over?

B: I'll be by on Thursday at noon. You don't have to be there.

A: I won't be home. Just remember to lock my door, okay?

B: You won't even know that I've been there.


A: Hello, Betty speaking.

B: Hey, Betty. This is Larry. Tell me how many smoke detectors you have, please.

A: This apartment came with one, and I installed another one.

B: Are there fresh batteries in each of them?

A: Each detector beeps when the battery is low. They're not beeping.

B: Good. I'm calling all the tenants because I have to check all the detectors.

A: Okay, What day were you thinking about dropping by?

B: I'll be at your building at noon on Thursday. If you're not there, I'll let myself in.

A: If you're thirsty, you can grab a beer or soda out of my frig.

B: Thanks, but it'll only take me about two minutes to test them and leave.

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