About ESL Robot


      This ESL Robots Project creates an online electronic tutor to help English language learners practice speaking English. To use the site, study the conversations first by reading and listening to them several times, and then try practicing these conversations with the robot. Type in your question, and then click the SAY button or hit the ENTER key on your keyboard, and the robot will reply with a line of text. If your computer has speech recognition software installed, you can speak into your microphone instead of typing your questions.

      The robot is being trained, so it's getting smarter each day. The robot can understand you most of the time, and its answers are interesting. It has learned many idioms and proverbs. The robot can even point out some spelling and grammatical errors in your writing. In this sense, the bot can be considered a good tool to help ESL students improve writing. After using the program for a certain time, students will be able to write faster with fewer mistakes.

      Please send your comments by email. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for using the program and contributing feedback. All the data collected will be used for research and development of the project only.


Ron C. Lee, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, USA

Email: tesleslfast.com