60. Audie Murphy: An American War Hero

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Audie Murphy is the most decorated American war hero in the history of the United States military. He was honored with every award available during his years in the army during World War II. He also won awards for heroism from two foreign governments, Belgium and France. His military record is impressive, as he fought successfully in some of the most dangerous, and historic battles during the great war. Murphy also found success after the war as an actor who appeared in several films.

Murphy was born into a very large family in Hunt, Texas. He was one of 12 children, and grew up in abject poverty. His father deserted his family; his mother died at a young age, so Murphy dropped out of school to get work. Murphy held a series of odd jobs from an early age to help the family financially, but eventually realized that a military life was the best course to take.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Murphy knew he needed to be in the military to defend his country, but he was not yet old enough to enlist legally. With the help of one of his older sisters, who helped provide him with false records, Murphy enlisted into the Army at the age of 17. It wasn't long before Murphy began making his name in the military. He first saw action in the invasion of Sicily, and was involved in the liberation of Rome. He became famous for leading his men into a battle while he was wounded, and out of ammunition. He won several awards for valor.

After the war, he launched a successful Hollywood career. His most notable film was playing himself in the epic movie classic From Here to Eternity, which was based on his autobiography. Murphy starred in several western-themed films. He died at the age of 46 in a plane crash in the state of Virginia.

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