37. Magic Johnson: From Superstar to Businessman

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No one ever out-smiled Magic Johnson. Ever since he was a young man, Johnson has been known for his great attitude toward life. It just happens that Johnson is also one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the National Basketball Association. Johnson played his entire career for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are the best franchise in the NBA over the past 40 years, having won more championships than any other teams.

During the 1980s, the Lakers were known as "Showtime" because of the team's high-paced, and high-scoring style of play. Much of this style can be attributed to the charismatic Johnson. His style developed at an early age when he was playing basketball in his home state of Michigan. He attended Michigan State University, and led its team to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) title in 1979.

He was taken by the Lakers as their first pick in the college draft, and he never left. Johnson played for the Lakers from 1980 through 1991, and then played for a few games in 1996. During the 80s, he led the Lakers to eight championship appearances, and won five. No other team had dominated the game in a single decade since the Boston Celtics in the 60s. He also won an Olympic Gold Medal in basketball, and won the Most Valuable Player Awards multiple times, but his most endearing quality remained as one of the nicest and well-liked player in the game.

Today Johnson still calls Los Angeles his home. He has transitioned from basketball player to coach, to team owner, and businessman. He owns a successful franchise of movie theaters called the Magic Johnson Theaters. Johnson was also part of the investment group that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in 2012. He is married, and has two sons and a daughter.

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