94. Rush Limbaugh: The Right-Wing Personified

Rush Hudson Limbaugh is a conservative radio talk host who has the most listened-to show in United States. The audience for his national show thought to exceed 15 million listeners per show. is ultra-conservative, and is not shy about voicing opinions on the air. This may be why is so popular. Love him, or hate him, does not pull punches with his commentary. His subjects to attack are liberals, and what he as liberal bias in mainstream media.

Limbaugh was on January 12, 1951 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri a family of professionals. His grandfather, father, and were all attorneys, and his uncle served as federal judge in his home state of Missouri. began broadcasting at an early age. He was average student, and attended college for less than full year. His mother had aspired for Rush get a college degree, but that was not be. She once said of her son, "He everything," and "he didn't seem interested in anything radio."

Limbaugh made the right decision. Today, he one of the highest paid journalists in the . His road to fortune was not an easy , though. He used to bounce from job to mainly at small radio stations as a music jockey. His first major break came in 1984 he was a radio talk show host in , California. It was here that President Ronald Reagan successful in his repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. doctrine required media outlets to give air-time to viewpoints whenever the station made a controversial claim.

this doctrine out of the way, Limbaugh was to say whatever he wanted to, and not to give equal time to anyone. He took advantage of this ruling. His audience consists of large segment of American society, especially the right-wing, , Christian coalition.