82. George S. Patton: World War II Hero

One of the great American heroes during the days in the country's history is General George . Patton. Patton was a career army man who best known as the head of the European of Operations during World War II. Patton came a military family. His ancestors can be traced to involvement in several U.S. campaigns in the War, Mexican War, and the American Civil war. this kind of background, Patton knew he wanted be in the military from a young age. was known as an eccentric field commander who quick-tempered. He carried an ivory handled sidearm that reportedly was quick to wield.

Patton was born 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. His first to military life came from his family. He first involved in combat during an excursion into in 1915. He was a big advocate of warfare, and convinced the government to build an tank force following Germany's incursion into Poland at start of World War II. He called tanks "future of modern warfare." He was involved in tank training centers in the United States in for U.S. involvement in the war. Patton was North Africa when the U.S. entered the war Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, . He was given command of the U.S. Seventh in Europe at that time.

Patton was involved the most significant campaigns the country fought in great war. His defining moment may have been command of American forces during the infamous Battle the Bulge. This battle was Adolf Hitler's last attempt to turn the fortunes of war toward Germans after a series of defeats at the of the Allied forces. It was an epic battle won by the United States that sealed legacy as a field commander.