79. Rudy Giuliani: The Man Who Saved New York

Randolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani served as Mayor New York, the largest city in the United , during the darkest time in the city's, and 's history. Taking office January 1, 1994, Giuliani was during the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers September 11, 2001. His reaction to that horrible has been viewed by many as one of best crisis-management cases the country has ever seen. , his legacy as mayor is not limited to actions following 9/11. He is also known for tireless crusade against New York's organized crime, and businesses. He is credited for bringing organized crime John Gotti to justice.

Giuliani's image as being on crime launched him into a career in . As mayor of New York, he gained a as a no-nonsense, tough guy that was able get things done. His response to the crisis September 11 earned him Time Magazine's Person of Year recognition for 2001. He was also knighted Britain's Queen Elizabeth in 2002.

Born into an -American family in Flatbush, New York on May 28, , his father had organized crime ties, which influenced greatly as a child. His early education consisted Catholic schools. He considered a career as a Catholic priest for a time. He eventually graduated Manhattan College as a political science major. He attended the New York School of Law, and an attorney.

During the days following the 9/11 , Giuliani made his presence known. He took to media on a daily basis reassuring New Yorkers the situation was in control, and that the will recover, and become stronger than ever.

Although has been heralded for his response during the 11 attack, he was previously criticized for ignoring Islamic threat of terrorism in light of the Trade Center bombing of 1993.