58. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock 'n' Roll

Born in the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi, Aaron Presley grew up in poverty. His working-class moved frequently throughout the state, going from job job. Presley grew to be one of the recognizable and famous American celebrities the country has known. He recorded countless records, starred on the screen, and his songs were heard on the by more fans than any other artists in .

Presley received his first guitar at the age 10, and soon began a musical career that last more than 25 years. His first success winning a high school talent contest in Memphis, , while still in school. Shortly after graduation, Presley discovered by Sam Phillips, a record company owner. first commercial success came in 1954 with his single That's all Right. Much of Presley's success be attributed to his unconventional dance, and live style. His hip movements and sexually-suggestive moves earned much praise, and controversy.

In 1956, Presley recorded first No. 1 hit Heartbreak Hotel, and his No. 1 album, the self-titled Elvis Presley. He signed a contract with Paramount Pictures Studios, which , and is still, one of the biggest Hollywood in the industry. He went on to star several movies with Paramount. In 1957, Presley was into service by the United States Army, where served overseas. His time in the military did hurt his career. Soon after his service was in 1960, Presley began recording music, and starring films.

Presley married in 1967, and had a the following year. Sadly, his marriage ended in in 1973. He fell into prescription drug abuse, put on a great deal of weight. He in August, 1977, resulting from complications of his abuse. He still remains one of the most artists in the world today.